Following the phenomenal success of the HTC One M8, the brand continues to take the competition by surprise with another winner. Since the launch of the HTC One M9, the phone has been widely talked about. It has garnered rave reviews making some of us think that HTC may just give Apple a run for its money.

If you’re an avid iPhone user, there’s no question that iPhone 6 is the next best option. In fact, the phone is the best phone Apple has created yet. If you’re looking for an Android alternative, however, you might want to consider HTC One M9. It’s considered as HTC’s best Android offering at the moment.

Both phones feature aluminum casing with the One M9 thicker and heavier than the iPhone 6. Either way, the hefty price tags make the metal design worth it. In terms of the overall look, however, the iPhone 6 may be sleeker with its smoother edges and thinner dimension while the HTC One M9 is a bit chunky with a lot of curves.

As for the screen size, the HTC One M9 has a bigger one with 5-inch while the iPhone 6 has 4.7-inch. The storage for One M9 is only 32GB but it is expandable with a microSD while the iPhone has three options, which include 16, 64 and 128GB.

iPhone 6 runs on iOS 8.4 and can be upgraded to iOS 9 once it comes out this month while One M9 runs on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop with HTC’s Sense 7. Like other Android phones, HTC offers a wider range of customization options as opposed to iPhone’s more restricted iOS. You’ll also have access to more apps if you go for the HTC One M9 offering.

In any case, the choice between the One M9 and iPhone 6 really boils down to preference. If you’re used to Apple’s iOS, upgrading to the iPhone 6 makes perfect sense. If you’re looking for a refreshing change, however, go for the One M9.