There’s no denying the fact that two of the biggest and hottest smartphones available in the market today are the iPhone 6 from Apple and Samsung Galaxy S6 from Samsung. Both are flagship phones with iPhone running on iOS and Samsung running on Android. Dubbed as two of the best of the best in the market, how exactly do you choose which one to buy?

If you’re struck in a rut and you can’t choose between iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6, here’s a side-by-side comparison to help you nail your choice from the get go:


In terms of design, both phones feature a sleek and classy metal and glass look. The Galaxy S6 has an aluminum unibody and glass panel while the iPhone 6 has an anodized aluminum back. Both feature the same thickness of 6.9mm. As for the weight, the Galaxy S6 is a bit heavier than the iPhone 6. In any case, both phones show off a luxurious design that matches their hefty price tags.

Screen Size

One of the most obvious differences between the two smartphones is the screen size. The Galaxy S6 features a 5.1-inch screen, a sure winner with those who prefer a phablet-type phone. iPhone, on one hand, is a bit smaller with a 4.7-inch screen. The iPhone 6 is Apple’s first venture into the bigger screen phone arena and it looks like the move is paying off.


If we’re going to talk about performance then the one thing we need to look at is the processor. For the Samsung Galaxy S6, the processor is the Snapdragon 810 with 64-bit Exynos 7420 chip and 3GB Ram. The iPhone 6, on one hand, is equipped with Apple’s A8 64-bit dual core processor and 1 GB Ram. With Samsung having three times more of the Ram than iPhone, the former promises faster performance.


In terms of storage, iPhone 6 has options of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB while Samsung starts from 32GB to 64GB and 128GB. Both smartphones do not have micro SD card support.


When choosing between two impressive phones such as the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6, it usually boils down to preference. Either you prefer Android or iOS. The Galaxy S6 runs on Android Lollipop with its very own TouchWiz user interface. iPhone, on one hand, runs on iOS 8.4 which you can soon upgrade to the upcoming iOS 9.


For people who love their selfies, both the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 offer impressive and more improved cameras. The Galaxy S6 has a 16-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front camera while the iPhone 6 has an 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash.


With users constantly on their smartphones, Samsung and Apple made huge improvements with their batteries. The Samsung S6, for example, up its game with a powerful 2550 mAh battery, which you can also charge wirelessly. iPhone, on one hand, is not as generous with a 1810 mAh battery. Either way, both phones are made for long lasting usage.


Of course we cannot forget about the price tags. Good news for Samsung users, the Galaxy S6 has dropped its price from £559 to £449 while the iPhone currently sells between £539 and £699 depending on the amount of storage you opt for.

The Bottom Line

Considering the differences between the two phones, you can see that each choice has its set of pros and cons. If you’re down to making a choice whether you’re upgrading or thinking of switching it up, it really boils down to preference and of course budget.